“Thank you to all of the employees at Christians for the great job they did getting our house back into shape. From the response of your emergency team to those who completed the finishing touches, the professionalism was exceptional. In addition to all the excellent workmanship, the photo restoration and furniture refinishing was truly outstanding. We would recommend Christians to anyone that has need of your services.”
- Satisfied Customer in Chaska

“Thank you Christians for restoring our home. We consider ourselves lucky to have found a company with such a high level of competence in executing every detail of our project. Everyone involved—the electrician, the plumber, the carpet guys, the furniture movers, etc.—was professional, on time, and knew what they were doing. I could trust repairs would be done with the attention and high level of quality I expected. Something I find rare in this day and age. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Christians to friends and family.”
- Satisfied Customer in Excelsior

“We love Christians. They always do an outstanding job for us. Their willingness to work around our schedule is really helpful.”
- AmericInn Chanhassen

“Our project manager was so easy to work with, and well organized. From the drywall and painting to the baseboards, the workmanship was flawless. I would recommend Christians, Inc. for any residential remodeling project.”
- Satisfied Customer in Plymouth

“Everyone, at every level, was professional, conscientious and courteous. I give kudos to all at Christians, Inc.”
- Satisfied Customer in Blaine

“Christians kept me well informed on the progress of my repairs. The work was finished quickly with excellent results.”
- Satisfied Customer in Bloomington

“Christians was fantastic to work with! Through each step of the process, we were kept informed and any concerns were addressed quickly and clearly.”
- Satisfied Customer in Delano

“Great service and friendly personnel! I highly recommend Christians.”
- Satisfied Customer in Chanhassen
24 Hour Emergency Service
(952) 470-2001
Text 911 to (612) 490-9817

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