Moisture Damage?

Moisture intruding into our homes has become a major concern for homeowners and builders alike. With little warning, this silent yet destructive force has continued to cripple homes from the inside out. Christians, Inc. is the leader in repairing moisture intrusion and construction defects.

I have moisture damage. Now what?

When moisture enters the home, it leads to rot, destruction, and mold. A call to Christians, Inc. and you will have the expertise to solve what seems to be an unsolvable riddle. The first step is to get a moisture analysis completed by a reputable testing agency. Next, schedule a time for a Christians, Inc. representative to prepare a detailed estimate based on the moisture analysis report. Finally, contact an attorney.

Moisture Damage Services

  • Stucco Cuts for All Party Inspections
  • Detailed Estimating using Xactimate Software
  • Moisture Testing Stucco Removal
  • Siding – Cement Fiber, Vinyl, Aluminum, Steel, Engineered Wood
  • Framing Repairs
  • Windows & Doors – Wood and Vinyl Windows, Skylights, Entry Doors, and Storm Doors
  • Exterior Accents – Soffits, Fascia, Gutters, Shutters, Decks, and Patios
  • Stone and Brick Veneers
  • Design Services
  • Moisture Testing Referrals
  • Attorney Referrals
  • Expert Witness & Testimonies
Chrstians, Inc. continues to be the leader in repairing homes devastated by moisture intrusion. Whereas some companies only look at the exterior of the home, Christians, Inc. will address the entire envelope of the home when making repairs. Our Project Managers oversee every stage of the repair process to ensure a quality product in a timely manner. Each job is assigned a lead carpenter to make sure every detail is covered.
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